Battered Heart ❤️❤️❤️

Chaos only lives within the mind that breeds it. Love only survives when the hearts still beating. We only survive when life’s worth creating. My chaos was my own, yet I didn’t own it. My heart wants love, but ice keeps it frozen. My life is my own, but I stopped creating. I look deep inside, but my life force is no longer burning. I … Continue reading Battered Heart ❤️❤️❤️

Light years Apart

I remember chasing the sunlight into the shadows. Welcoming the stars into the pitch black skies. The moon rising to meet the little orbs of fire light years apart. I remember the peace and quiet of night, and only silence filling my ears. The memories filtering threw each space in my head of a past years apart. The faces lingered in faltering smiles and tinkling … Continue reading Light years Apart

The Collapse (Breaking Free)

When all the words in your head collapse in on themselves. Who do you turn to when your hearts bleeding out. I find fear in the silence the words becoming too much. I wanna live without this violence. Putting my heart to rest. I begin to feel the vibrations as the world fails to protect. These thoughts are my own and yet Iam a mess. … Continue reading The Collapse (Breaking Free)