Indago Sky

I sailed the darkened shore into the indago sky. I watched the world around me crack open, and rain down fury drops that morphed into ice cold fire. I saw lightening streak through, and illuminate my path. I opened my mind to possibilities, as water cascaded over me.

My mind was warring with reality, like I didn’t know what was real on my path. There was no smooth path only ridged and jagged waves rocking the boat. Only a life altering change I had to look forward to. The indago sky guided me to the sun. To a life where change created light. The lightening struck the waves infront of me showing me where to go. I looked to the indago sky knowing I was being guided to a place where indago skies morphed into blue ones.

I was being guided to a world where my choatic mind could no longer cause confusion or grief. Through this storm I was releasing what no longer served me in this moment. What was always apart of me would be gone. I had to move forward into this sun, and it’s power to heal. I had to shed the past to embrace the new path ahead.


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