Each of our realities are not all one and the same. We each cope with our situations in a certain way. Whether we chose a life of drugs and alcohol or going on the straight and arrow. The choices we make are what allow us to know that we create our own reality. Some people chose to block out reality by living in a fantasy world where reality doesn’t exist. Others chose to face it head on without any barriers of its harsh rays.

Some people believe that we don’t get to chose how we live our lives. Just because of how someone is raised or because of a mental illness. These realities are different yes, but it still means that there are things in our control and out of our control. There still are choices being made. Certain people live their life in a certain ways.

I personally chose to face my reality head on. I like to face what’s in front of me, instead of looking at it threw a blurry lense. Our choices in life are what allow us to make those decisions.

I am writing this because the other night I had a dream where it felt so real. I woke up feeling the same way I felt in my dream. It prompted me to write something about reality and how we perceive it. It made me think about dreams and how they sometimes can change our preception of reality. They feel so real you wake up feeling different. This specific dream made me feel weird just because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Let me know if you want me to write it in my blog. It was pretty gruesome.


2 thoughts on “Realites

  1. An epiphany of sorts is what you had it seems. Sometimes it may seem that dreams and reality can collide, and they can if pushed by people. Some dreams are a premonition of things to come. Facing reality head on is the way to be, sometimes we also have to venture into fiction to find facts. Your blog is your feelings, share without a care.🌹

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