The Dream

In my last blog post, I posted about reality, and how I had a dream that made me think about it. This dream is pretty gruesome, and has some triggers in it that some people may not want to read about. If you do not wish to read about kidnapping, dead bodies or drugs. I would click out of this post.

In my dream, I remember being asked out to dinner from this guy. He seemd normal and he told me that we had to stop off at his house first. So he got out of his car, and asked me if I wanted to come in for a second. I said sure and followed him to his front door.

At the door, he unlocked it, and when we went inside his friend was there. I just thought it was his roommate. He didn’t introduce his friend to me. We walked past his friend. I just remember that the dream kept jumping to where him, and his friend were watching me.

Then one of them grabbed me and took me into a room in the house. They were talking to each as if I wasn’t there. I remember the friend leading me out to another house next door. The house next door had a few lights on. At this point my hands were tied behind my back, and I was trying to break free from the cloth they tied me with.

As the guy lead me into the other house I remember looking around the living room. There were women all over in various states of decomposition. I remember vividly one of them had her leg missing. She was wearing a white top and a short jean skirt. She was laying blank faced under a glass coffee table. There were random arms and legs, and some had no bodies attached to them.

I remember feeling scared. I had finally gotten my arms free, and was waiting for the guy to let me go. When he stepped away to open a door, I started to run towards the front door. I tripped over body parts in my wake. The guy tackled me to the gound, and I kicked him in the face and ran for the door.

When I opened the front door, the guy I was on the date with was waiting outside. He didn’t see me at first so I went the opposite way. The houses were close to each other, but there was a dirt road someone had to drive up to get to the houses. I started to run down the dirt road. I heard shouting behind me as they tried to catch up with me.

Then the dream jumped to where I was out of that neighborhood. I had been running for awhile, and I remember feeling scared and sad. I kept looking behind me to see if they got in their car to follow me. I had left everything at the guys house. My phone and wallet were gone. The images of the dead women kept flashing threw my mind. I guess you could say I was in shock. It’s crazy how someone can look so normal, but be crazy.

Then the dream jumped to where I was in front of a building. There were a bunch of random people going in and out of the building. I walked up the steps and opened the front door. The walls were white and there were doors scattered throughout with people going in and out of them.

I walked up to one of the doors, and opened it. There were stalls lined up along the walls on one side, and mirrors on the other with sinks under them. In the stalls there were women coming in and out of them.

I walked into one and there were two women on the floor zoned out. They didn’t have needles, but patches that you put on your skin. One lady told me to sit down by her, and she handed me a patch. This patch is what they called a meth patch. You put it on your skin and it obsorbs into the system.

In my dream the person I was just wanted to forget about being kidnapped. She wanted to be in another world where that reality didn’t exist. She traded one reality for another. The dream ended with her chosing drugs instead of facing her true reality head on.

I think it resignated with me because it made me think about how we as people chose to face things. We chose other ways of coping with our realities. To find reprieve from our current realities.


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