Big Changes

A big change in my life was when I lost my dad. My sisters and I had to adjust to life without him. I would say that, that was a big shift in our dynamic. My mom was left with everything, and we had to help her through her grief. That change could not have been stopped. It may have happened 7 years ago, but I think it makes me as a person appreciate the life I have here and now. Change is something I believe can’t be stopped, but when it comes it makes you move forward in the best possible way.

Somedays I would watch how those changes affected us. It was hard, but we had eachother. Some people lose their family and they have no one to help them through the grieving process. It’s hard to be grateful sometimes when you lose the most important person in your life. My dad was like my best friend, and for a long time I was mad. I didnt understand why he was taken from us so young.

The thing is many people don’t show many sides of themselves. He was in pain, suffering, and we never knew it. When I think back on it now; I realize it was meant to happen the way it did. No one wants thier family to suffer, not even me. My dad suffered, and when he died he was no longer in pain.

Even though he’s not here physically I talk to him as though he is. Some part of me believes he hears every word I say. I feel like I had to share this because so many people never tell others what they have been through.

Each person that leaves this earth has in some way affected another persons journey in life. Whether it was a small hello or a conversation. Someones day was either brightened or changed. Some people don’t believe that what they do matters, but it does. Maybe not in a big way, but in small ways that leads up to bigger choices or decisions.

Each person on this earth has a purpose, and once they completed that purpose. They leave this earth knowing that they made a difference in someone elses life. I believe my dad was one of them. When he was here he taught me so many lessons that I listen to every day.


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