The Collapse (Breaking Free)

When all the words in your head collapse in on themselves.

Who do you turn to when your hearts bleeding out.

I find fear in the silence

the words becoming too much.

I wanna live without this violence.

Putting my heart to rest.

I begin to feel the vibrations as the world fails to protect.

These thoughts are my own and yet Iam a mess.

I wanna know about living and how to be loved from the beginning.

I know I going to fail at first.

I am a product of my own chaos.

living in a world I don’t want to understand.

I wanna be the best version of me.

I wanna be free.

The water trembles as my heart reassembles.

The red receding back in to a heart that is ridden with ridges and scars.

I must sacrifice my fear of losing the pieces of me I know are going to break free.

Falling to the earth I begin to see that this version of me doesn’t bleed.

She believes she is better because she broke free from own chains.

From her own fear.

From the comfort of her own pain

She believed that is all she would be, but she stepped free of the shell of herself.

She became stronger, and her thickend skin allowed noone else in.

She began to defend the body she was in and she felt free.


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