Light years Apart

I remember chasing the sunlight into the shadows. Welcoming the stars into the pitch black skies. The moon rising to meet the little orbs of fire light years apart. I remember the peace and quiet of night, and only silence filling my ears. The memories filtering threw each space in my head of a past years apart. The faces lingered in faltering smiles and tinkling … Continue reading Light years Apart

The Collapse (Breaking Free)

When all the words in your head collapse in on themselves. Who do you turn to when your hearts bleeding out. I find fear in the silence the words becoming too much. I wanna live without this violence. Putting my heart to rest. I begin to feel the vibrations as the world fails to protect. These thoughts are my own and yet Iam a mess. … Continue reading The Collapse (Breaking Free)

Changes are for the better

Everything in our world is forever changing, and rearranging to create room for new things. Sometimes in life we can’t see the change happening because we allow our shadows to cast darkness over the light. This change coming is a metamorphosis in the making. Change is always hard to accept because it means things won’t stay the same. Change brings better things to the light. … Continue reading Changes are for the better